He Brings Me Peanut Butter πŸ₯œ

Ok…..so…. Woke up from a dream..and before I could ‘lose’ it, I jotted this down at 2:54 this morning….It may not make sense to some of you….but those who know me know I have a slight love addiction to peanut butter……actually Jim and I always said we are as close as Peanut Butter & Jelly on squishy Wonder Bread 😊πŸ₯œ 

You died

You used your key

Unlocked the door

I looked at Kristen

I yelled who is that

You replied, your husband

We got up

You walked in

Carrying a jar of chunky PB (blue cap)

I was crying

Saying How?

You died

You were opening the jar on the counter

You looked at me and said

I guess Linda’s husband came back

Because she loved him so much

I started to cry……

I woke up…..

And I smiled …. and thought

We’re a couple of nuts 😜πŸ₯œ


I even wrote a poem about my love for PB

Ode To Peanut Butter

I eat you in the morning,

In the afternoon,

Anytime of day,

Your good upon a spoon…

Spread you on apples,

On Celery sticks

Or bread…

Your peanutty goodness

Goes right to my head….

Your my protein of choice

Whenever I need a snack

With a piece of deep dark chocolate 

Yumminess I never lack….

If you haven’t quite guessed it

Peanut butter makes me swoon

Whether I’m eating a PB &J

Or eating it off a great big spoon!!! 


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