He Came To Me In A Dream

Good Morning All……….I woke this morning with an extra skip in my step. Last night, Jim showed up in a dream. Very vivid. Very real. His timing has always been spot on. When he was alive, he could read me like a book. He Always knew the right thing to say…………so while sipping my morning coffee, I quickly jotted this down. Trying to capture the moment as best I could……..

I Needed You…..

And don’t you know,

You showed up in my dream

Last night.

You smiled and said hello…

You said you were just fine

And that I would be fine, too.

Because we both believe,

I know this is true.

We hugged so tightly

I didn’t want to let go.

But I felt you slipping away

And my tears they did flow….

I woke myself up

My face still wet with tears

But a smile was on my face

Because I know he’s near….

He’s with me always,

He’s my guiding light.

All I need to do is whisper him name

And I’ll be alright….


It’s Been 5 Months 😔

October 14, 2016……today

5 months ago

I kissed you,

And watched you drive away.

Not realizing I’d never see you again….

That Sucked.

In that time,

Not a moment has gone by,

That I don’t think of you.

You’re Always with me.

My love for you

Is stronger then ever.

It will stand the test of time.

I. Love. You. Husband ❤


My New Journey …. Continues

Well, folks. I’ve spread my wings and flew solo this weekend. For the first time in this gals life, she (I) bought my very first car. All. On. My. Own. (Ok. I did ask my son for his input!).

It was a very bittersweet, yet exciting moment for me. I know Jim was and is smiling down on me, as well as putting these Amazing Earth Angels in my path. Steve was awesome…

So…yes, I bought myself a Subaru….I need to step, I mean jump, out of my comfort zone. I don’t like to drive….now that I am alone, I either drive or become a prisoner to my fear….being a prisoner Is Not an option…..I needed a reliable safe vehicle to continue this journey of mine……this was and is a big deal for me.

So…with my Dragonflies on board….I’ll be ready to hit the road!!!! Jim is gonna love riding shot-gun with me ❤😊❤😊❤😊

Prayers For My Little Man 🙏

Hey WP Peeps…asking for some real positive healing mojo and your prayers for my man Mason……after a very scary health scare right before Christmas that resulted in his being meEvacd to the hospital, it was found that he suffers from a form of children’s epilepsy..

He’s been such a trooper…the first meds he was on turned him into a Jekly and Hyde…violent outbursts….thankfully the meds have been figured out…….

Yesterday he was admitted for a scheduled 48 hour eeg………..my DIL Brittany is an amazing mommy…There no sleep for the weary..

As for me….I’m grateful to be able to be here to help where I’m needed……today we came for a visit….

Puts things in perspective…….