Signs Of Change

Well, after an absolutely dreary cold damp and rainy Saturday…the sun, slighter milder temps, and wind made an appearance today. Took a Soul Stroll down to the lake..nice to see water….

Sat on my rock…have to admit the tears have been springing up more frequently lately. Lady Calen may be on to something…I’m 9 days away from leaving here to start the next leg of my journey…..I’m ready to fly, but it’s very bittersweet…….Speaking of Dragonfly wings…..obviously it’s way to soon to see any Dragonflies hovering about…..BUT……………….I did catch a glimpse of a Dragonfly Nymph!

I’m taking this as a really Cool Sign……I’m ready for my Emergence…..the next cycle of this crazy journey that is my life. After almost 6 months of ‘gestation’ ..I’m ready for this….my transformation……it is bittersweet, but I know Jim is guiding me along.

After this encounter, I went over to the river to listen to natures music and left my own little sign…..

My Soul Strolls will continue

Though the paths I walk have changed…….

It’s Change and Transformation

That are waiting for me….

Leaving my ‘nymph’ stage behind me

My newly grown wings are prepared

To take me along on this next cycle that is my life.


10 thoughts on “Signs Of Change

  1. I love these gorgeous pictures- it really drew me in, and your lovely poem at the end! It is a blessing to see water at times and be around water. I used to live near a river and not too far from the beach, and I didn’t take advantage of it enough! Now I’m living near where my husband grew up, in metro Atl, so no water!! Got to drive maybe 35, 40 minutes to go to the lake. But it’s what I got to do this summer… if only my husband liked the lake… lol. Anyway the dragonfly is a great symbol, so glad you saw them.

    • Thank you 😊 I miss living by the Ocean..but I enjoyed almost 10 years of calling it home with my husband….now my journey is taking me in a different direction..but I know the Dragonflies will be there!

      • Wow, 10 years of living near the ocean sounds like heaven 🙂 Lucky for you both!! I guess life leads us on journeys for sure. I can’t wait to see if our future journey will lead us more towards water or mountains or wherever. We like where we are now, but I do miss the water!

      • We were surely Blessed…..I scattered Jims ashes along our beach and in the sea while the sun was coming up…sunrise was our favorite time of day….now my journey is taking me in a whole new direction…will water be a part of it? Remains to be seen.

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