I Believe…In Signs ☀

It’s no secret to those who ‘know’ me and read my blog….I’m a believer in SIGNS. First thing I check in the morning is the ON THIS DAY feature on FB. 7 years ago, I shared this photo of Jim and I.

Then….this popped up in my newsfeed…….

Saving the best for last…….I just returned from a trip to the store. The very store where Jim and  I worked and first met each other 17 years ago…….I was in the store less then a minute when I bumped into a gal we both knew, who still works there. As I stopped to talk to her, the entire store was plunged into darkness (about 10 seconds). The lights came back on and then went out and on once again. We laughed, looked up and said Hey Jim 😊❤ I know there are some who poopoo the whole idea of signs, I feel sorry for them. By not opening themselves up, they’re missing out……….I SAW THE SIGN…..AND I BELIEVE 💛☀

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