Earth Angels πŸ’›β˜€

I’ve been incredibly Blessed with very special Earth Angels crossing paths on this journey of mine… I spent a few hours with one such Angel. Nina is an amazingly beautiful Soul, who touches everyone she comes in contact with. While taking special care of me, pampering me and making me feel like a million bucks, her zest for life and her positiveness in the wake of her own heartbreak is contagious……I will be leaving PA, my life that much richer for her touching it……Angels come into our lives in so many different ways β€πŸ™

Lookout NC….I’m a-coming (5 days and counting!)


6 thoughts on “Earth Angels πŸ’›β˜€

  1. That’s a really gorgeous picture of the two of you. What did you do to make it lighter? Five more days. I bet you can hardly wait to be on the road. We need to talk again before then. Maybe tomorrow?

    • Nina is way cool!! I have no clue what she put in my hair…I just let her have at it!!! lol

      Yes….would love a phone call…will touch base with you tomorrow morning via email….I’m going down into town to visit Stefanie at work…I want to say goodbye to her office mates. Towns busy with the Frein trial…he’s the nut who gunned down a state trooper a few years ago…..

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