My New Journey Begins…

After staying with my son and his family for the almost six months since Jim died, it was time to move on. Was not easy saying goodbye to his family or my daughters family…

Natalie and Mason…as chaotic as it was at times..they were and are such a blessing and helped so much with my healing

My Emily…such a beautiful young woman she’s growing into

Arriving in Wake Forest 💚

Hello my dear friends. After a 9 hour drive, I arrived safely to my daughters on Tuesday Afternoon. The drive, was ok, a bit harrowing in spots (95S. Through Washington F.R.E.A.K.E.D me out!) but I did it!!

I’m now hanging out with this crew while I get ready to start my house hunt. Again, there is and will be chaos, but I know this is the right path for feels good, it feels right.

This morning..I woke up to be reminded that a year ago, on this date. I posted the following photo and mantra… still holds true today…..



Even without my Jim being physically here..he reminds me every day, in some small way, that he is still with me…it’s his love, which was and still is a gift, that I gain my strength, peace and will to continue to live this crazy life of mine…….my journey continues……



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