Today is the 6 month mark since Jim gained his wings…it boggles my mind how incredibly fast the time has flown by. Each day brings me one day closer to being with him once again…in the meantime, I continue to count………….I. Love. You. Husband ❤


Is measured in hours, minutes and seconds…

My life,

Is measured by the amount of days

You’ve been gone…


182 days have flown by

Since I last saw your face, 

Heard your voice…

Kissed and felt your touch

I didn’t think I could

Live without you.

I’ve found out, I’m not.

You live deep inside of me,

Deep Within my heart.


6 thoughts on “Time….

  1. THAT is so beautiful! I loved what you said about the wings! 😀 (Btw, thanks for the quick call. It helped convince my daughter I have a life! 😀 I also survived the day… Miracle in and off itself!)

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