Wrinkles Of The Heart β€

Good afternoon Everyone β˜€πŸ’›

“Do not hide the wrinkles of your heart. Don’t try and iron them out or smooth them over. They are your life. Your wrinkles of life are special and unique. In these lines live your joys, your heartaches, your pain and your laughter. You don’t need to get rid of them. Instead, let them breathe and grow, for it is in these wrinkles that the most beautiful parts of you can be found.” ~JB~ 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

I posted this on my FB 2 years ago…it never ceases to amaze me that things I posted long ago, still find ways to speak to me now. Back then, I was in the midst of healing from my past,,I was putting my broken pieces back together…..and I did. Sure the pieces don’t quite fit perfectly, but that’s to allow my light to shine β˜€

And y’all know what Jimmy Buffet says, “wrinkles only go where the smiles have been.” 

Jim made my heart not only smile…but sing!  

I hope the sun shines down on you today and you find a small reason to smile πŸ’›β˜€

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