Today is the 6 month mark since Jim gained his wings…it boggles my mind how incredibly fast the time has flown by. Each day brings me one day closer to being with him once again…in the meantime, I continue to count………….I. Love. You. Husband ❤


Is measured in hours, minutes and seconds…

My life,

Is measured by the amount of days

You’ve been gone…


182 days have flown by

Since I last saw your face, 

Heard your voice…

Kissed and felt your touch

I didn’t think I could

Live without you.

I’ve found out, I’m not.

You live deep inside of me,

Deep Within my heart.


My New Journey Begins…

After staying with my son and his family for the almost six months since Jim died, it was time to move on. Was not easy saying goodbye to his family or my daughters family…

Natalie and Mason…as chaotic as it was at times..they were and are such a blessing and helped so much with my healing

My Emily…such a beautiful young woman she’s growing into

Arriving in Wake Forest 💚

Hello my dear friends. After a 9 hour drive, I arrived safely to my daughters on Tuesday Afternoon. The drive, was ok, a bit harrowing in spots (95S. Through Washington F.R.E.A.K.E.D me out!) but I did it!!

I’m now hanging out with this crew while I get ready to start my house hunt. Again, there is and will be chaos, but I know this is the right path for me..it feels good, it feels right.

This morning..I woke up to be reminded that a year ago, on this date. I posted the following photo and mantra…..it still holds true today…..



Even without my Jim being physically here..he reminds me every day, in some small way, that he is still with me…it’s his love, which was and still is a gift, that I gain my strength, peace and will to continue to live this crazy life of mine…….my journey continues……


Peepers Song…my farewell 

Peepers sing their song

It’s magical healing helps

Heal my broken heart.


This is my truth. Nature has helped in my healing process more then any other therapy I think could have. Writing has as well………Spring has finally come to NEPA just as I’m getting ready to leave…….I took a final walk to the lake….

Earth Angels 💛☀

I’ve been incredibly Blessed with very special Earth Angels crossing paths on this journey of mine…..today I spent a few hours with one such Angel. Nina is an amazingly beautiful Soul, who touches everyone she comes in contact with. While taking special care of me, pampering me and making me feel like a million bucks, her zest for life and her positiveness in the wake of her own heartbreak is contagious……I will be leaving PA, my life that much richer for her touching it……Angels come into our lives in so many different ways ❤🙏

Lookout NC….I’m a-coming (5 days and counting!)

I Believe…In Signs ☀

It’s no secret to those who ‘know’ me and read my blog….I’m a believer in SIGNS. First thing I check in the morning is the ON THIS DAY feature on FB. 7 years ago, I shared this photo of Jim and I.

Then….this popped up in my newsfeed…….

Saving the best for last…….I just returned from a trip to the store. The very store where Jim and  I worked and first met each other 17 years ago…….I was in the store less then a minute when I bumped into a gal we both knew, who still works there. As I stopped to talk to her, the entire store was plunged into darkness (about 10 seconds). The lights came back on and then went out and on once again. We laughed, looked up and said Hey Jim 😊❤ I know there are some who poopoo the whole idea of signs, I feel sorry for them. By not opening themselves up, they’re missing out……….I SAW THE SIGN…..AND I BELIEVE 💛☀