200 Days……

I was out on my morning Soul Stroll…enjoying the cool breeze and bright sunshine…..all of a sudden, out of no where, I found myself doubled over. I felt like I was punched in the stomach and the tears, well they just came…..


Two hundred days…

How can that be?

It’s been two hundred days

Since you left me……..

It’s crazy to me. How did that happen? I found myself sitting in the park, asking myself that question…the only answer I came up with, and I’m not sure it’s really an answer was, life goes on. Even though, two hundred days ago, the life I I knew came to an end….time didn’t stop, it didn’t stand still. 

So, I cried my tears on this two hundredth day…I let them fall until there was no more. I looked up at the beauty of the sun shining brightly through the trees….blew kisses to him and walked home, determined to make it through to day two hundred and one.

Today was not an easy day. Grief…sucks. I’m thankful I haven’t been crippled by it…but it sure does have a way of sneaking up and knocking the wind out of you……


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