Nature Heals πŸ’š

Outside amongst nature

Is where I need to go

As I bleed my sadness

And allow the pain to flow…

Curled up on the ground

I become one with the Earth

My tears spill over 

As my heart feels a rebirth…

Releasing the anguish 

Setting it free

Lightens my load

While it allows me to be…

Connected to You

Our Souls intertwined

By an invisible thread

That even words can’t define.

I. Love. You. Husband ❀


15 thoughts on “Nature Heals πŸ’š

  1. Linda how are you, I do owe you an email. There is no other way to connect to Nature than to be a part of it, touching Trees makes you feel one doesn’t it. I do so hope you are happy in your new home. How are the Family and those not so little Babies I suspect. Take care Linda, you are not forgotten or what you are going through. With my Love, Annaxx

  2. Hi SpiritualDragonfly,
    stay with it, feel it, you are real and what you feel and where you go with the feeling can be your spiritual wings , you are a wonderful navigator.

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