Week 41…Day 287 Since Jim gained his wings. I'm still counting my days by how long he's been gone. I'm amazed at how fast the time has flown by. I hear from other widowers who say the days drag by for them, almost at a stand-still. They're immobilized by their pain and grief. One thing I've learned through this journey , is there is no 'right' way to grieve. We all may be traveling a similar road, but our journeys are our own………

I was asked by a fellow blogger, if I've had days where I've wanted to just curl up and not move. I can honestly say no, that has not happened to me……….I believe a part of it is because Jim and I were such Morning people…loving our sunrises. I can't NOT get up and greet the new day. As much as I hurt and ache for him, I can't lose sight of the gift that the new day is…..and his love, well, that's a gift that keeps on giving, even from where he is. I can feel it

This was my view yesterday morning from my bed…..how can I not want to get up and greet the new day?!?! I make my coffee, I sit outside, and we 'chat'.

Does he hear me…..of course he does……how do I know????? That's easy.

This place I'm now calling home, is definitely helping me along….surrounded by 'my trees' , they're getting to know me and I them….I know they hear my cries. There is no judgement, I can just let the tears flow, knowing they listen…….and each time my tears fall, it's a cleansing of my soul…and with each cleansing, I heal a little bit more.

And what does one do once they've purged themselves of some pain? Collect some of the many pinecones of course….

And then some rocks….

12 thoughts on “Tears…Nature=Healing

  1. I’ve never seen a dragonfly that color! Cool! This is such a poignant post. There’s so much wisdom and kindness in it. (I think I need to let go and cry. I know I’d feel better. But how does a control freak do that?)

  2. Dragonflies keep kalling me these days and have brought me to your beautiful blog. I’m so sorry to hear about your suffering and honour your pain. Nobody else can walk your path – Thank you for sharing your story!

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