Time Marches On….

Today is day 290 since Jim died. I know the day will come when I stop counting….or at least I hope so 😔
In the meantime..I count…I grieve. I laugh. I cry. I write………and I finally blew the dust off my Nikon. It's time.
Took myself over to Joyner and walked a bit….took a few pics, then sat under a tree and wrote…..

Last day of July
That’s another full month without you.
As I sit here
Life is happening all around me.
Though I'm crying inside,
The beauty and gifts of this day
Are not lost to me….
I'm grateful for the breeze that’s
Whispering through the trees…
To the dragonfly and butterfly
Who's dance I was gifted to be
Witness to….
Bird song being sung
By an eclectic choir
While the cicadas add their
Own pitch to the magical
Music of Nature…..

While I sit here
Thinking of you….
Still crying my silent tears..
I close my eyes…..
I 'feel' your caress
'hear' your whispers
As the breeze softly blows
Through the branches of the

Another month without you….
Somehow I've made it through……

13 thoughts on “Time Marches On….

  1. What a beautiful place to write and take a respite! LOVE the rock wall! Good to see you dragged that thing out again. Your life is reopening like a new flower — one not seen yet. 😀

  2. The Days, Weeks, Months and Years go by the Pain is there, Love hurts when you are together sometimes, Love hurts when you are parted. Yet knowing that one Day nothing will ever part you again. Always behind that closed door one tries to open, the Heart takes time to heal only you will know when.

    Linda, always here for you. You have found some solace in your beautiful surroundings. God Bless, Anna.

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