Laptop Recommendations!!!

Hey Folks! I’m in a quandary! My ole trusty desk top pc is still up in PA. I want and need to start writing regularly again, so I’ve decided I need a laptop. Writing on this IPad just isn’t cutting it for me. I don’t feel the need to have an overly expensive top of the line one….my needs are ‘simple’ , at least I think they

Blogging obviously….my photos (I’m hoping to pick up my camera again as well) The usual social media…I’m not into gaming… those of you who use laptops, can you help point me in a direction?!?!?!

Embracing My Inner White Rabbit 🐰

Gotta love the timing of this!!! Just yesterday, I was looking at some old AIW prints. Almost bought them, but the dragonfly prints won out while telling myself Next Time I’ll get the Alice prints! 

Over the course of the last few years, starting with my adventure and journey of finding my voice via the Sandbox Writing Challenge, I learned to embrace what I thought of as my ‘madness’ and now see myself as thoroughly ‘sane’ within my own little world…..I brushed off most of the ash, some remain as reminder of the hell I went through and what I now see as a trophy as to have far I’ve come………..

Via Pinterest

“As madness becomes a taste of the saneness you’ve been yearning for

you lit the match which enlightened what was supposed to be.

While brushing away the ash, making space for what is spinning — an incantation to yourself that started with

A scream,

A shock,

A surprise, and ended with an eventual whisper into your own ears saying

Surrender, it’s okay, and float instead of fall.”

Jim was always telling me to follow my own path………the last few weeks, as I’ve been settling in to my new home and space, and things have somewhat quieted down, I’m hearing the beginnings of ‘whispers’ …. its time to go back down My Rabbit Hole‘ …. it’s time and I’m ready to Leap. 

Via Pinterest

“Perhaps if you are reminded that the rabbit hole lives within you

And that you are the timekeeper

Your own White Rabbit

The cartographer of your own map

All will be right if you just allow yourself…

… Leap.” 
You Are Your Own Rabbit (full article)