Spiritual Touch

My beautiful friend Anna shared this vision with me when Jim first passed away. The idea of his being ‘just on the other side of a door’ . This vision has proven to bring me comfort over the last 347 days.

So, When I think of Jim and where it is his Spirit ‘lives’, I envision him

being just on the other side of a door. I also envision putting my hand

on that door, and his touching the other side. Knowing one day, when it’s time,

he will open that door and be there, ready to welcome me home.

I think of you all the time.

Every moment of

Every day..

I talk to you constantly.


What you would have to say…

I do all this knowing,

Deep within my heart,

That you are out there


That we are not really apart..

Closing my eyes.

I reach out my hand.

Coldness tickles my fingertips,

I smile and understand.

This eternal overlapping of time

Is all a mystery

But our souls are woven together

They embody our history…


[photo by Pixaby]

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