HUGS Are A Wonderful Thing

The word Hug is a simple one…

But in all it’s simplicity

It packs a POWERFUL punch…

I know this for the truth that it is, as I’ve been on the receiving end of many of those unexpected, Blessed hugs. Hugs from whom I call my Earth Angels.

Here’s my story: I was in Walmart yesterday, health and beauty department. One of the gals who works there asked me about my tattoos (my ink is a wonderful conversation started 😊). As we spoke, I shared some of my story. I shared that I have an appointment soon, to get my memorial tattoo for my Jim, as I’m coming up on his year Angelversary.

As I teared up, she asked if she could give me a hug, which I graciously accepted…right there in the middle of the aisle, I was gifted with a healing hug from a stranger. She then went on to share some of her story, we hugged again and she said “see, we both were brought together this morning ’cause we both needed hugs…I needed one just as much as you did.” 😊❤🙏

It’s these little acts of kindness, that are far bigger then they really seem, that has helped me through-out this journey of mine the last 51 weeks. Each smile and hug knits another little piece of my brokenness back together. I like to think these simple acts ripple outward, as we go about our day, touching another, whether it be with a smile or a hello……..

There is Powerful ‘medicine’ in a simple Embrace. Whether we are the giver or receiver, we both walk away feeling a little bit mended. ❤🙏

I. Am. Grateful. I. Am. A. Believer.

(Hug photo via google search)

26 thoughts on “HUGS Are A Wonderful Thing

  1. Sending a few hugs through Linda. I suggest you store them away somewhere safe to bring out when you need them. Here they come ………… Is a dozen enough??
    Plenty more when they run out.

  2. My eldest Son who is 38 hugs me nearly every day, he gives me his “Bear Hug” something I used to say and do to him when he was small. My Youngest Son 34 was given the same, but he is like his Father he never hugs me finds it embarrassing, which is sad. There is nothing nicer in the World than those little arms and hands of a Child touching one’s skin. I would hug my Husband but it was very rare that he would hug me, this stupid “British reserve”, luckily my Blood is Irish. My love and all the hugs I have, are on their way across the Ocean to you. Lovely blog it needs to be reblogged and I shall do that now. Take care poppet.

  3. Hugs are the best. I even have a t-shirt that reads: FREE HUGS! One day while sitting on a bench, sharing the scenery with my gal pal, a young man approached, and asked me for a hug.

    He said: “I saw you earlier, and noticed your shirt. I came over to get a hug, and to see if you REALLY were offering them.”

    Imagine had I not been? I would have missed an opportunity to prove that I really do want to give a hug to anyone that needs one. I really do think this young man did!!!

  4. What a lovely story. With so much anger and “otherness” in this world right now, I so agree with you that reaching out and hugging a stranger or loved one does much to add peace and love to this cosmic energy that so needs peace and love.

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