I Miss Him

It’s been 52 weeks since he left…..


[The body dies…but love… well that lives on and continues to grow]

I’ve Missed Your Face

I’ve Missed Your Smile

I’ve Missed Your Laugh

All this while….

But what I Miss most

Is Who We Used to be..

The we – we were

When it was You and Me.

You’re gone from this world

But you LIVE in my heart

Till we meet again

And are no longer apart.

I love you husband

I always will

Our love hasn’t died

It grows and LIVES still.

©linda fedroff_october13,2017

12 thoughts on “I Miss Him

  1. The old saying goes, “It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” This is true, but the more you love- the more you gain from that love – the more you lose, until you meet again…
    A beautiful tribute on this first anniversary.

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