A Year Later….I Remember

Today marks 365 days…one year since he left. As I sit here writing, the Song, “In The Arms Of An Angel” has started playing. I BELIEVE

I awoke this morning, looked at our photo and said “Morning Husband” …. there was no sunrise as the clouds are low this day……so I lit some candles, got my coffee, reflected, remembered and started writing….

It makes no sense

How can it be

One year ago

You left me

A year long journey

Of twists and turns

Battles of emotions

My heart still yearns

For a life that is past

But there’s no going back

My journey is forward

You keep me on track

As I’ve come full circle

This year of firsts

Our Love lives on

My road, I traverse….

Where I end up

Remains to be seen

My story still unwritten

My future unseen…….


Went back through my journal, to read my entry for this time last year. I had taken a Soul stroll on the beach, came home, pulled out my paints and painted a picture of a tree…..I’ve since gifted that particular picture to someone I’ve come to love very much, who has been on the other end of the phone every week since Jim died…(Lady C )

Today, I painted another tree…..in memory of my Jim…..he colored my world and he still does from wherever it is he resides ❤💚💙💓💛

I miss him, every moment of every day….on this day, the last day of ‘firsts’, I will celebrate his life and our love……….

Tomorrow…….a new journey begins.

29 thoughts on “A Year Later….I Remember

  1. Its been the hardest year of your Life since Jim died, I suspect you are still asking within yourself “Why”, will we ever know. Except Jim is now looking down protecting you helping you loving you as you start the second year of, as you call it, “your journey forward”. You are very courageous poppet, you are on your own physically coming to terms with not seeing Jim but I know Linda that you feel him within you his love there all the time. No matter what that journey will hold for you Jim will always be part of it, take his strength his love Linda he will guide you, as you start tomorrow that Journey. As ever, I am here just across that pond my thoughts, my love are with you today and every day I am here for you. God Bless poppet, thinking of you.XXXX

  2. Beautiful, Linda. Beautiful process and wise words. I love what Calen said about Jim doing a happy dance right now, and then you liking the visual of that. I’m glad you still have a relationship with him. Very sweet. ❤

  3. A beautiful tribute. How generous of you to share how you are coping as time moves forward – especially helpful for others who are struggling similarly I’m sure. My heart hurts with yours, and my soul prays for your continued recovery.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!

  4. Linda, I can’t believe it has been a year since Jim left. I have watched you walk this new path with heart, strength and dignity. Sending you my heartfelt love and admiration

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