Sadness Shouldn’t Be Silenced…..

Yesterday, proved to be an overly emotional, tearful day for me…..was it because it was Day 402 since Jim died? Or the fact that today marks one year since my cousin Larry died. Or the fact that in the last 5 weeks dear friends of mine lost a brother…another friend lost not only her mother, but her stepfather a week and a half later, on her mothers birthday. I also lost another cousin and my island home said goodbye this past weekend to the oldest saltwater cowboy……Yeah, death sucks. It’s also reality. Where am I going with this?!? Well, this blog popped up in my FB newsfeed yesterday…..and it’s definitely worth sharing……though I never really thought I was hiding my sadness, I’ve come to realize that in fact, I have and I do, even from myself.

Holiday Survival Guide For Sad People

Bottom line is….as wonderful a time as the Holidays are…for many of us it’s a time of deep deep sadness and despair. I have days that are ok…but the sadness is always there. We all need to remember, contrary to how things may appear on the surface, not everything is as it seems……

Today is an ok day….I’m remembering those we’ve lost while my thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends left behind…..Heaven’s got itself some Amazing Angels ❤

6 thoughts on “Sadness Shouldn’t Be Silenced…..

  1. Its so hard Linda coming to terms, if ever one does. Christmas for me, maybe the Boys or were they too young? Christmas is a time of sadness, David died was Cremated December 23 – Christmas Eve and Christmas Day thoughts float around my head. The Dining room table with Jonathan in his Father’s seat, I recall so much. December 27, 1975 the day we Married. I am glad when Christmas is over. Yet there is joy as well, my youngest Son born December 19, 1983. We love and have to say “farewell for now”. Thoughts of love thoughts of those we love waiting. You are lucky poppet to have those you can talk to. Its so hard when one has to cry alone. You had such a happy loving marriage someone you know who is waiting for you, Jim is never far away, never. God Bless Linda. I’ll be in touch soon, had quite a few health scares/probs.

  2. You’re so right. That sadness is always there under the surface. We just get really good at changing mass in public. But the sadness in our souls, not our roles… At least that’s how it feels to me.

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