Mid-Winter wisdom

Totally Love this so had to share!!!! I’m so not a winter person, but over the years have come to terms with my own form of hibernation and the need for it….


Sometimes withdrawal and letting go is as much part of growth as is achievement and moving forward:

There is a tendency to want to hurry from autumn to spring, to avoid the long dark days that winter brings. But winter darkness has a positive side to it. As we gather to celebrate the first turn from winter to spring, we are invited to recognize and honor the beauty in the often unwanted season of winter. Let us invite our hearts to be glad for the courage winter proclaims. Let us be grateful for the wisdom winter brings in teaching us about the need for withdrawal as an essential part of renewal. Let us also encourage our spirits as Earth prepares to come forth from this time of withdrawal into a season filled with light.

Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr, The Circle of Life

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6 thoughts on “Mid-Winter wisdom

  1. Wisdom of winter withdrawal as part of renewal sounds an enticing idea.
    This coming winter 2018-19 will be quite a different experience for me than 2017-18 which was spent in the sun in Gambia.
    This year I look forward to ‘growing’ into winter as in a way the seasons got mixed up last year with leaving to go to a tropical climate for four months end December to end of April (u.k winter & spring ) Gambia has a winter, dry season nov-may & summer, rainy season May – October.

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