Revealing Reflection?

The Sandbox Writing Challenge-Exercise 1

You find yourself in a quiet room looking at your reflection in this beautiful old mirror. What do you see? Is there anything in particular you like about yourself? Is there anything you don’t like? Tell us about it.

This is me this morning. Tired and worn. I’ve aged quite a bit in the last 15 months. Sadness in my eyes. No real spark to see. Grief is not pretty. It’s taken it’s toll. This morning, this reflection, I see half the woman I once was. With Jim I felt whole. I see a lonely me.

With that said, it doesn’t necessarily reflect what’s hidden beneath this morning’s facade. There IS a spark lit behind the sadness. Inside I Am A Widow-Warrior. Determination resides in my heart. Some days there is even a real smile to be worn. Some days no tears fall.

What ‘mask’ will I be wearing later on today? Tomorrow? I have no clue……just like day turns to the ebb and flow of the waves, my reflection, along with my emotions, can and does change in an instant.

An afternoon, before the rain comes Soul-Stroll…and a tree-hug helps!

22 thoughts on “Revealing Reflection?

  1. Looking in the mirror certainly keeps us honest doesn’t it? It also makes us aware of ourselves. I don’t spend all day in the mirror, but I do take a look in the morning, and sometimes in the afternoon. I too have found myself with lips at parade rest. However, if I try to smile instead, and it isn’t from the depths of my soul it doesn’t work. Interestingly enough, even feeling “blessed” as I do, sometimes, the smile isn’t there right then. I reckon I’m simply tired, and find something to do that awakes my reserves.

    By afternoon, and in a mirror from another room, I may still not have a smile, so I wink instead. Maybe, I’m just being silly right then, but it’s a great “state-changer.” One more thing, my beloved Mother used to say: “It takes more muscles to frown then it does to smile.” And danggit, as usual, she was right, AND it just feels better!

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  3. We carry our scars, Linda. But they are the wounds that have healed. They are the physical reminders of the things that happened. Some are tinged with happiness and some with sorrow.

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