My Memories Became Dreams…My Dreams Became Memories…..He Misses Me….

As a widow, holding on to my memories is paramount to my healing…helping to make this journey as positive one as I can muster under the circumstances.

Jims visits in my dreams don’t come often, so when he he does decide to make an appearance I feel incredibly Blessed. He paid me a visit last night……

My Memories Became Dreams..My Dreams Became Memories…

You came to me in

a dream last night…

It’s been a while

since I saw there….

You were sitting at the table

Real as could be….


it all became clear.

No words were spoken.

They weren’t needed,

for I could ‘read’ it all in your eyes.

They ‘said’,

“I AM Always With You,

I WILL Always Love You,

and I know you’re not surprised….”

Upon my lips,

You placed a gentle lingering kiss…

Leading me to KNOW



12 thoughts on “My Memories Became Dreams…My Dreams Became Memories…..He Misses Me….

  1. Was it a dream, you know Jim is there with you all the time. Watching over you, taking care of you, loving you. I have not said this before but of late I have been woken early hours by the feel of a hand on my arm, or my head and the smell of flowers that I love. I can’t explain this, but I know its happened. You saw Jim you saw his smile you felt his kiss. Jim will let you see him from time to time but he’s there with you poppet.

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