A Widow’s Birthday

Today is my 55th Birthday. My second without Jim. I’ll be spending part of my day with my daughter and her family. Tonight, I’ll celebrate my own way. A widow’s way. I’ll read over the Happy Birthday Notes Jim left me over the years…seeing his handwriting and reading his words, I can still feel his unending love.

There will be no more letters, no more notes

written by his hand.

No more love letters or drawn hearts

being left for me by my man.

Instead, I ceremoniously

reread his every word.

Crying my tears

While my memory serves….

…it serves as a reminder

of the love we share.

It’s not death do us part

’cause I still feel him near.

For now it’s in dreams

and the signs that he leaves me

In my memories and my heart

Our love will sustain me.


16 thoughts on “A Widow’s Birthday

  1. I once blogged under lyricalfool, and followed you. Apparently, I have a lot of catching up to do. Your birthday celebration sounds lovely. May this year be full of peace and joy for you.

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