MCM…Ed Sheeran

I cannot get enough of listening…….Ladies your welcome……

Men, stop what your doing, grab your lady and DANCE. You won’t regret it. I’m grateful for the memories of Jim and I dancing in the kitchen by the glow of the over-the-stove hood light.

The bittersweet truth …the life of this widow is spent dancing with his keepsake urn and memories……

So,,,stop what your doing and DANCE..SLOW.

Miss you Husband…will be dancing with you in my dreams!!



17 thoughts on “MCM…Ed Sheeran

      • Hahaha! Hey man, no shame in dancing with Jim still. I’d do the same if it were my wife. Have you seen the little blown glass urns that you can put some ashes in and wear as a necklace? You could keep a piece of him near your heart at all times. And dance whenever y’all wanted to. 😊

      • I actually received a small silver charm urn to wear….I received it after I had scattered Jims ashes….the keepsake I have with his remaining ashes I don’t want to open…….I did save some of his hair from his brush..I snipped some small pieces into the ‘urn’ and wear that along with his wedding ring as a necklace…keeps him close to me 🙂

  1. OML! That first song is on a playlist on Alexa called Piano In The Background (which I have no idea where to go to find it) and I’ve loved the music, but it’s instrumental and I had no idea what song it was. Imagine that, that you’d put it on here! Cool! Girl, you are all glittery in that picture!!! 😀

  2. What wonderful music to dance nice and slowly to, and yes Ed Sheeran is fabulous. Thank you for the music, I’ve been traveling down memory lane for a few days now, happens to the heart in waves every now and then.

      • Good girl, that’s the way, let it happen, don’t try to fight them off. 😊 nearly 6 yrs next month. The waves shall always come, and now I gently swim with them as they’re not drowning me like before. I still cry, but knowing the tears are Carole’s way of reaching me, and I smile to myself about all the everlasting memories of the joy we shared 😊xx

      • no fighting them ivor…..I have found I prefer, like you to swim with them just as I prefer to allow the tears to fall when they need to……..I feel Jim with me always and I gain comfort that xx

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