Sounds Of Silence

Another week, and another go-round at The Sandbox Writing Challenge

Week 10’s challenge is to answer the question:


As I sit here pondering that question, I’ve decided to pull up the definition of fascinate………this was meaning number one……….

1. to attract and hold attentively by a unique power, personal charm, unusual nature, or some other special quality; enthrall: a vivacity that fascinated the audience.

So, now I have the definition…..I’m still sitting here, with the window open, listening to the wind whipping through the trees….and still pondering as to what ‘enthralls’ me at this moment in my life (I’ve got a case of widow blues going on 😞) but then……..LIGHT BULB MOMENT 💡


I know, if I’m listening to sounds, how is that silence. For whatever reason I don’t consider nature to be noise. So for me it fits into my own personal definition of Silence. Be it the wind, rain, bird song, crashing waves, the peepers at night, I attribute all to my quiet time. Nature’s silence is soothing. It also makes me feel alive. It’s my elixir. My healer. So for me, what fascinates this gal right now, is the Sounds Of Silence.

12 thoughts on “Sounds Of Silence

  1. That first picture is so gorgeous. did you take that from your deck? I love the nature sounds and I totally agree with you about them being the sound of silence. I think Neil Diamond was saying the same thing in his song Beautiful Noise though the location was VERY different!

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  3. Bless you. Such a lovely post. Nature’s silence is nature’s heartbeat. And that drumming of grace is there too, filling those sounds of silence. Can you hear it, Linda?

    This is also a great song. By Simon and Garfunkel. Warning, I just listened to it, reading the lyrics on screen and had some long emotional moments.

  4. This is a perfect post, and I SO agree that the sounds of Nature are not at all noise. And it was most excellent to hear the summer sounds which I am eagerly awaiting. And while it was quite low, the last video, hearing the Geese, was such a soothing sound. Thank You!!!

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