Circles…No Beginning – No End

This weeks installment of The Sandbox Writing Challenge – Exercise 12, 2018 is as follows:

How does this relate to your life?

Imagine finding this figure drawn in the sand.

Is it a circle?

A zero?

The letter “O”?

Relate this figure to your life.

What does it me to you?


Of course when I first read this weeks prompt, my mind went immediately to singing CIRCLES IN THE SAND by Belinda Carlisle. Though it doesn’t necessarily pertain to my post, I’m sharing it anyway, y’all may as well join me in singing it 😊

It’s been almost 11 months now since I purchased my home and property here in North Carolina. This place was, as I was at the time, an empty shell. Like myself having to find a new way to live, it was time to furnish this place with little parts of the me I was becoming in this new role as Widow……………..quite by accident and with no real conscious thought at first, I began choosing things, the common denominator, CIRCLES.

Even in my painting….dots and some semblance of circles make their appearance.

There is no beginning

There is no end

These circles –

Reflections of my

Eternal Love for him.


“Let’s Run in the circle, opposite to each other. Until we are thrown into the sky by the storm swirling in between us. I’ll hold your hands and I’ll hug you, let me be your wings. Let’s fall on that clouds and let’s dance on the rainbow. Let’s bore a hole in that sky until we fall back to the sea with the rain. And Let’s swim back to the shore, to play the game of circle again.”

Akshay Vasu

17 thoughts on “Circles…No Beginning – No End

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  2. The circle in the sand reminds me there are countless cycles in the world and we’re part of all of them. The fact that the circle is beside the ocean reminds me that at any moment we can be washed away and become part of that even bigger, mysterious cycle.

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