Forest Bathing

As a Tree Lover this post just screamed to me to be shared 💚💚💚🌳🌳🌳

soulgifts - Telling Tales

A magnificent, ancient tree in the Adelaide Hills

This beautiful old tree graced the yard of a B&B  we stayed at over a weekend a few years ago. It was lit up at night. Against the stark, star studded night sky it looked magnificent.  Called The Nest, the quaint cottage was secluded. Windows on all sides, even in the bathroom, overlooked the rustic country landscape dotted with splashes of flowers. Wild birds flocked to the garden for breakfast and dinner. It was so serene and peaceful we didn’t want to disturb the sounds of nature – simply immerse ourselves in it with windows open to enjoy the view.

Have you ever heard of forest bathing? I hadn’t until I stumbled across it recently. It immediately piqued my interest. Strolling in the forest, being absorbed in the smells, feel and sounds is something I have always loved. I don’t do it…

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