Taking Risks


We are now on to exercise 14 of The Sandbox Writing Challenge….this weeks prompt is…….


What risks have you taken in your life?

As always, remember to include a link to this post on YOUR blog post. Or if your response isn’t overly long, feel free to leave it in the comment section below. If you would like to play with us and see the previous prompts, they’re listed in the menu at the top of the blog in The Sandbox Writing ChallengeBut please feel free to just jump in wherever we are at the moment! After all the prompts are really for YOU to get to know YOURSELF.


Jim was the risk taker. He always was. He was never afraid of failure, feeling the failure was in the lack of trying………he taught me well.

From the moment I found out He was gone, I feel as though EVERYTHING I did, every choice I made was a risk. The choices I made never felt wrong, quite the opposite, my gut/intuition had me feeling that I was being led in the right direction……..yet I still felt as though each time I made a decision, big or small, I was jumping off the proverbial cliff and counting on my wings to carry me and not let me hit the ground hard.

From ‘fleeing’ the island 3 weeks after he died to live with my son back in PA, where I NEVER expected to ‘live’ again. To buying my very first car on my own. To moving from PA to NC, and buying a house 2 weeks after arriving…….a house on 3 1/2 acres 😳 what was I thinking?!? All scary as hell. Risks that needed to be taken in hopes that I was and am following the right path for myself. Risks that needed to be taken or I wouldn’t be ‘living’, instead I’d be stagnant, I’d be stuck…I’d be a living ‘dead’ Linda….and that wouldn’t fly with My Jim.

Another risk……those that have been following my Blog for a while know that this is my second go round digging in the Sandbox. My first dig helped me deal with a very ugly childhood/past. You would also know I have not spoken to my immediate family in almost 15 years…which was for my own well being and self preservation.

My youngest sister has reached out to me a few times over the years via FB messenger which I always declined, that sick feeling in my stomach being my warning sign. Imagine my surprise then, when she once again reached out the week after New Years, and not only did I NOT experience that sick feeling, I sorta smiled. Right then my thoughts were, more shifting is happening in my life. I responded, she sent me her number and we talked for 4 hours that first day….we’ve spoken almost daily since then…..reconnecting, filling in some blanks for each other And finding out we are more alike then we could have known……….

I am, at this moment, visiting our little island Of Chincoteague….I needed the beach, the salt air and the special closeness to Jim I can only get from Soul Strolling ‘our beach’. My sister will be making a trip down here next week so we can continue our reunion and healing, while I share with her the beach and sea that has helped heal me over and over again. It is with Grateful and Humbled Hearts we both take this risk of our sister reunion.

18 thoughts on “Taking Risks

  1. Thats SO friggin’ awesome! Both that you and your sister are together, and that you’re back on yall’s little island. Say hi to Jim for me while you’re there…’cause you know he is. As a fellow risk taker, I think I would’ve loved having a beer or two with him. And, have no doubt, you’ve got more balls than you think! I’ll try saying this without being presumptive or pretentious, but I’m proud of you. And I know he is too. Watch the sunrise for me. I expect a Soul Stroll pic. 😊

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