New Discoveries…New Truth

I’m a week into my visit here on Chincoteague. This visit is proving to be more then I thought, in ways I’d never imagined. I came here anticipating a homecoming of sorts……what I’m finding is, those words ‘you can’t go home again’, to be #mytruth.

I’m Living my life and seeing this place through just Linda’s eyes now…….and a whole new picture is being painted. Amazingly though, this doesn’t make me sad. I feel as though a hidden veil has been lifted and I’m seeing with more clarity then I have since Jim died. I’m seeing that I have a whole new life ahead of me…and that there is so much more to discover and learn about myself…..that at this time of transition, I Am Growing.

I’ve returned again

To this place we called home.

So many changes.


And the realization, once again

That change is inevitable.


With that realization

A new truth.

My truth.

Is revealed.






14 thoughts on “New Discoveries…New Truth

  1. You know its true what they say “you should never go back”. I did that with my Sons after David died, we went back to our favourite place in Cornwall where we would spend a month in the summer each year, I thought at that time all the lovely memories would be there. What happened was, I felt, and know the Boys did, so completely different. You have mourned your beloved Jim and that has helped. I never really got the chance to mourn David, I used to want to go to the top of a hill and scream out his name and release the pain, but never did. So many of us, and I have in particular, look back on the past, good or bad, you are moving on. You have helped me Linda to move on as well, even though its been 24 years for me and I write sometimes about the past, it does not hurt so much, you have been an example for me poppet. You are so brave. God Blessxxxx

    • ((((HUGS)))) This visit is definitely turning into a learning experience I didn’t expect, but I am grateful for……….I’m humbled Anna and it fills my heart knowing that in some small way my journey has helped you….Blessings to you my friend XXXX

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