The Simple Life…..

This week, over at the Sandbox Writing Challenge, exercise 13 is as follows…




verb (used with object), simplified,simplifying.

1. to make less complex or complicated; makeplainer or easier:




1. to simplify or get rid of mess, disorder,complications, etc: declutter your life

D. E. C. L. U. T. T. E. R………in all areas of my life. Prior to Jim’s death, I had already begun the task of decluttering and downsizing, thinking once he retired we may hit the road in a small r.v. That of course did not happen. With his death, came the task of major decluttering and downsizing….not knowing how long I’d be living with my son, I got rid of dang near everything………..and once I bought this place, I began to realize the things I can really do without. I’m going on 11 months here and still don’t own a t.v. and I don’t miss it……..that in of itself screams Simplification!!

Over in Social Media Land, I’ve simplified by dropping out of groups that no longer serve me well or that I’ve outgrown….I’ve also unfriended ‘friends’ who no longer serve me or my well being in a positive way and seeing how some disappeared on their own, they saved me some trouble!!

I’m also consciously making it a point to sit and meditate twice a day…to really get back into my practice. To sit…To Simply Just Be…and Breathe.

Living a simple, authentic life is good for the Mind, Body and Spirit. I’m getting there……

Day 3 of The 3 Day Quote Challenge

Thank you once again BreakdownChick for tossing me into the ring with this….I’m such a quote nerd and it’s been so long…….this one popped up in my FB On This Day feature, seems I shared this one 6 months before Jim died…..never thought at this point in my life I’d be a Surviving Widow, yet that is a part of who I Am now….this is a part of my journey, my #truth

3 Day Quote Challenge-Day 1

I was invited to join the 3 quotes in 3 days challenge via Breakdownchick ….thank you for the invite 😊

It’s been awhile since I played along in anything so I thought I’d jump in. This first quote was shared with me yesterday while chatting on the phone with my dear sister friend Lady Calen over at Impromptu Promptlings. She has been an amazing source of strength and encouragement to me for a few years now…….anyway, I was sharing a story with her in regards to family dysfunction/anger and she said she had a quote to share that was just recently shared with her……when she read it to me over the phone my entire body turned into one huge goosebump ( not a pretty visual I know 😄) I immediately sent it to my family member who was on the receiving end of another family members anger……