Do I Really Need To Dispose Parts Of Myself?!?!

Alrighty…it’s that time again. Time for the gloves and shovel to come out and get some digging going on over at The Sandbox Writing Challenge. This weeks prompt asks us the following..

If you could, what parts of yourself would you throw out?


I’m trying to remember off the top of my head what my response to this prompt was my first go round in the Sandbox. I kinda have an idea, but I’m not going back to look, that was then, this is Now.

I’ve been working on this thing we call Self-Love for quite some time now. I’m thinking, if I’m going to be fair to myself and not sabotage the self love part of my journey, I need to say none…………but, if I’m going to dig, the part I’d like to dispose of at this point in my life is the feeling sorry for myself part. I really dislike when that part of me decides to rear her little head. While traversing this journey of widowhood, it’s very easy to fall into that pity party trap……..and while some of it is expected, let’s face it, losing the man you love does give a person some leeway for that kind of party, and in some ways it’s expected…yet I tend to feel guilty when it happens to me. I have so much to be thankful and grateful for….I’m truly Blessed to have been gifted Jims Love and to Love him in return. Which leads me to share this post from yesterday……………..

This pic popped up in my memories this morning…gotta love FB’s On This Day Feature (I DO!)

This was taken 4 years ago….Love Love Love this pic of us. Today marks 82 weeks since you were called Home. I’ve grown so much since then babe. Don’t think you’d recognize this Linda I’ve become, in fact still becoming. Your death has kicked my ass in so many ways…but not just negatively, there have been some positives that have come out of this unwanted journey of mine. I’m far enough along now that I can say losing you has opened my ‘eyes’ and my heart to what’s really important to me. Losing you has helped me to re-evaluate the who, what, where, and how in my life. Your Love, is a gift that keeps on giving, and because of that gift, I’m finding that more days then not, I’m living my life my way, I’m not just surviving anymore. And that is my take on this day, 574 since you’ve been gone. I Love You Jim


………..So while I’d like to ‘throw out’ that part of me, as I’m growing stronger, that part of me is shrinking……I prefer shrinking to throwing out! I’m gonna drink to that!!! 😄✌️

17 thoughts on “Do I Really Need To Dispose Parts Of Myself?!?!

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  2. I really like shrinking rather than throwing away too! How do we learn or grow if we don’t have the original seed still somewhere inside us that caused the impetus for the growth/change?

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