Unfinished Business πŸ“

Well, here we are….Exercise 21 of The Sandbox Writing Challenge.

This weeks prompt is…………..

What have you left undone?

Dang, what isn’t left undone?!?

Ok…..let me see…there’s that photography coffee table book that I’ve been wanting to do for, hmmmmmmmmm πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” must be going on 7 years now. Then there’s my other book, the one that incorporates my words with my photos. See in the beginning, I didn’t think or believe I had anything to say or that I could possibly write, or that anyone would listen or be interested or want to read anything I had to share……….I had and still have a few cheerleaders and believers in my corner. One of those people, who was there ‘in the beginning’ is someone I care for and trust and I aspire to be like. She was a news anchor who is now, not only a published author, she is a life coach. Along with a fellow writer, they are hosting a write/publish/promote weekend in August. I’m interested, there’s no doubt about that. A weekend away and the opportunity to work with these amazing women in a beautiful serene setting would be wonderful. But I’m sitting here second guessing myself and my abilities once again. I guess I’m struggling with my own self-confidence and the fear of failure. The fee isn’t cheap. So I am asking myself-Am I worth the investment?!?

β€œYour Life Is Happening Right Now: Don’t let procrastination take over your life. Be brave and take risks. Your life is happening right now.” ~Roy T. Bennett~

To Be Continued……….which means I have not made a decision yet 😬

23 thoughts on “Unfinished Business πŸ“

  1. Oh, decisions, decisions, I know how you are feeling, It’s so hard to tip ourselves over that step and start what’s in our mind to do. But I’m slowly getting betterer at pushing the go button. All the best Linda with your projects. I’ve made a decision to do some traveling. Off to China in October, and I’m going to Philadelphia/New York, April 2019….yippee !! Huge trips for me, I’ve never flown out of Australia, nor been in a plane for longer than two hours.

  2. Tap into that inner being in your heart to get the answer to your question, Linda! My bet is, it will be a yes πŸ™‚

  3. You are SO worth the investment, Linda !! Sounds like it would be a Great experience. I hope you decide and just Go For It ! What better reason than what you stated—..weekend away, beautiful setting, being around interesting people. If the budget allows why not see what you learn from the seminar and it just might give you that extra confidence to start and see where it all takes you. I’m rooting for You, GF!!

  4. SERIOUSLY??? Do I have to come over there with my whompin’ stick and kick your keister all the way to wherever this is??? You are SO worth it, girl!!! Get it arranged!

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  6. Linda, you have so much to say – just look at your blog – and are so wonderfully inspiring. Put tape over the mouths of those inner self doubters. Plus, what an experience it will be to be around others of like mind. These kind of workshops are for all of us who have nay-sayed (not a real phrase, is it?) ourselves into inertia. I can tell you from personal experience, that when I’m around others who are gathered for the same thing in which I am interested, it becomes the most amazing support system. Go for it. I’m first in line to get a copy of all of your published works!.

    Who are the women holding this workshop?

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