Hidden Tree Treasures πŸŒ³

Inspired by a fellow tree-sister’s post on tree hugging…I decided to head outside to get a Morning Hug of my own with my tree….

“Then one day, She realized She was healing. Her heart was slowly mending. Her Soul started to shine.”

And then…..I decided to get up close and personal with my tree, and was Blessed with a few ‘gifts of his bark’ in finding a heart…..

And what I see here is a ‘leaf’

And this one….I took the pic because of the design in the bark….but when I flipped the photo on its side……

Looks like someone’s sticking their tongue out…..lol 🀣😜

Or it’s the wine I’m drinking..lol

14 thoughts on “Hidden Tree Treasures πŸŒ³

  1. It’s the trees sense of humour in showing you appreciation for being given a loving hug. Every time I’m hugged I smile big time, and feel warm inside, and give a little bark, (woof)

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