What People Think 💭

This weeks Sandbox Writing Challenge is as follows:

The Sandbox Writing Challenge Bonus Question — Friends

This is a bonus Sandbox question that I stumbled on via JMDLEFLORE from Behind the Eyes. He was gracious enough to let me use it as a prompt.

It’s not exactly in the same vein as the prompts in Roberta Allen’s book, but very pertinent none-the-less. And I had never really answered the question for myself. So I present it here now so we ALL might have a chance to think about it. I believe it’s important.

What do you wish others would

take with them after meeting with you……..


Wow 🤔 I’ve been pondering this on and off since Lady C posted this as our next challenge. Actually it’s a bit confusing to me. Subject wise it’s saying Friends…but friends who really know you, will take away from time spent with you something totally different then someone who is meeting you for the first time………so for arguments sake, I’m answering this from a ‘meeting people in general’ perspective…..

I’d like to think, at this juncture of my life and journey, that others will see me as approachable…..That I am an authentic person in what I say and do, as I strive to be as good and as kind a person as I can be. I hope they see me as someone who is caring and empathetic and by maybe offering my perspective and experiences on some things, I can help them in some small way……

With that all said, I do have my shortcomings….and I also know and realize that some folks who meet me may not ‘get me’ and inevitably, there are, believe it or not, some who will not like me 😱 and want to get as far away as they can from me lol.

I’d like to think that what folks take away with them, whether they like me or not, is that I am an ok, flawed human, a You-nique individual who, while marching to the beat of her own drum, is just trying to spread some of her sparkle and shine, offer a shoulder or ear when needed…share a thought or two…..and maybe, just maybe, leave you with a smile.

But, at the end of the day, so long as I know deep within my heart, I’ve done no harm to anyone and I’ve done the best I could do in any given circumstance, what others think of me, I have no control over…..

Which reminds me of the following……….

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