Today My Heart Hurts 💔

Today is 20 months…608 says….since I last saw him

Time has not stopped. The sun still rises, and I greet each new sunrise with a grateful heart. The sun still sets, and with the setting of the sun, I end my day with a grateful heart. My inbetween, well each day is different. More good days, some just ok days. The bad days, still have them….and when I do, I allow myself to feel that grief and pain and sadness………..

Today my heart hurts. I miss him. Always I Miss Him. But, I’m so grateful for these memories and the opportunity to share them..which I will do till I draw my last breath..even though there are those folks out there who think we shouldn’t, as long as I’m breathing I will talk and share my memories of my Jim……

Life is different

Without you here.


Although I can’t see you

I feel you are near….

The pain of losing you

Is one I can’t bare.


I choose to celebrate us

And the love that we share.


(Thank you FB for the reminders…a morning we spent together (3 years ago today) at ‘our’ beach’ )

21 thoughts on “Today My Heart Hurts 💔

  1. Beautifully said
    People who do not walk in our shoes often do not understand where we’re coming from
    Every night before I go to sleep I say good night to my guy. I believe that even though he’s no longer with me he hears me in heaven

  2. Beautiful words Linda, and yes we’ll always still have our heartfelt days, and like you I bath myself in those glorious memories. 😊 Lots of hugs to you 🤗🤗😚

  3. Linda my heart is with you today and every day.
    I find that while we cannot physically touch those we have lost, we feel them more within ourselves than we ever did when we had them with us in that way. I have not lost a spouse to death, but have lost many I loved over the years and find I end up inheriting their strengths to a degree, so they are being noticed and “here” as long as I am. I hope I haven’t bungled my words here- just wanted to provide some comfort from someone who knows and feels what you are trying to convey.

    • Thank You Shannon…and you haven’t bungled…..I feel Jim with me all the time and for the most part I have found my peace….but every so often, like today I just feel an overwhelming sense of sadness and lonliness

  4. You’re right, those who haven’t experienced that kind of loss will never understand, it’s not that they don’t want to, but you really have to go there to experience it. All that you feel, in my humble opinion is the truth because you and he knew the truth and he being gone materially does not mean he is gone in spirit or where he lives in your heart. That is as real as anything I know. Love does not die.

  5. It goes like that, doesn’t it. Something triggers a memory and pain surges for a while. Another bit of grief work done xxxx

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