Broken But Still Standing Tall πŸ’šπŸŒ³

Summer Solstice was in full swing. Hot and steamy here in the south. With blinds drawn and my fan working on over-drive to keep me cool, I was seated at my desk, lost in thought and writing. When all of a sudden I heard something fall…..muffled by the closed windows and whir of the fan, it wasn’t loud at all. I got up to investigate…..imagine my surprise when I found this….

Not what I was expecting……

A huge sadness gripped my heart last night….this tree has been a huge part of my healing for 13 months….seeing him broken breaks my heart….my old one, my healer, my friend.


This morning, I was gifted this view …..

“In the blink of an eye, change occurs and wraps you in sadness. But, even within that change and sadness, there is beauty to behold.” Β©lindafedroff_june22,2018


He stands tall and majestic Still πŸ’š


10 thoughts on “Broken But Still Standing Tall πŸ’šπŸŒ³

  1. Oh wow. What a sign. The healing, the breaking, the beautiful sunlight. Maybe,m just maybe, this old friend, this dear tree, has given you all the healing he can now. And the shock was needed? Maybe. Great to read your heartfelt posts again, Linda.

    • Thank you Kelvin…..I feel and believe there is most definitely a message in all this for me…..the fact that it happened on the Solstice and that happens to always fall on the 21, which is one of ‘my’ numbers….I’m keeping myself open to whatever messages there are for me!!

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