We All Are…..

A week ago, my writing coach Carol messaged me a challenge. She was waiting to see what I’d come up with in reference to a sketch one of my fellow participants drew for her. Not only is he a writer, but this guy can draw and paint like there is no tomorrow…..he drew this for Carol after  only just meeting all of us, from memory!!! 



So with that Challenge planted firmly in my head, I turned in for the night, only to find I couldn’t get these two words out of my head, so I jotted them down….diversity and tapestry.

When I woke, I pondered these words, trying to put something together……all it took was a hot shower..by the time I got out of the shower it had written itself!!! 


Seven of us came together,
As different as different can be.
Around that table sat
An abundance of diversity…..


A common goal we shared.
To tap into our creativity…

We came in as individuals.
With ideas in our heads.
Of what we hoped to accomplish
To help us move ahead…

Little did we know,
By the end of this retreat,
Our ideas of who and what we are
Would expand dramatically…

All our threads of differences
Began to entwine,
To form a Beautiful tapestry,
Of strength and hope Divine…
We came as individuals
We left there so much more….


We all are writers, we all are artists
We all are coaches and we All are Believers……


6 thoughts on “We All Are…..

  1. I love this post. What a great experience and I am so glad you have shared this with us. I have the opportunity to go to a poetry writing workshop tomorrow that I am really looking forward to. I hope it sparks some creativity in me as I seem to have been a little dull lately. Maybe it’s the heat… I hope your group will have an encore meeting again.

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