My Absence Explained..Sorta. Dealing With Florence

It seems I’ve been neglecting my WP Blog and those I follow the last few weeks. Quite honestly, I’ve been feeling/dealing with a shift of sorts. I know the fact that I’m coming up on Jim’s 2 year Angelversary is a part of it. My emotional state of being is all over the place right now……..I’ve found ‘my tribe’ so to speak in a widow/widowers MeetUp group from Raleigh. Through the group I’m making friends who get it and fully understand the ups and downs of this journey…….the cool and exciting thing is I’m helping them as much and they’re helping me. I’m exploring the possibility of setting up a writing therapy session amongst us and our weekly coffee/lunch dates…these thoughts and ideas are still in their infancy, but I’m excited about them……



Now, as some of you may know, I moved here to North Carolina 17 months ago. We’re in the midst of dealing with this storm named Florence…   

As a steady rain continues to fall here in my neck of the woods, my thoughts and prayers are with all my fellow Carolinians who have been seriously impacted by this storm.


As of this moment, I am still spared any damage or inconvenience, and for that I am so very Grateful. Though I refused to openly admit going into this, my first real storm since Jim died, I was/am frightened. As the forecast for us changed(s), I decided to stay put and ride the storm out at home. My concern of course were and are my trees. Surrounded as I am by them, I continue to hope and pray that as the ground softens with all this rain, they will stay  grounded and rooted..they do of course pose a danger, yet the tree lover in me can’t help but hold on to her Faith that they will remain standing to watch over me…




The rain still falls….tornado and flood watches continue to pop up……I walk my property, hope and pray for the best.





24 thoughts on “My Absence Explained..Sorta. Dealing With Florence

  1. I hope you are staying safe dear Linda, and your new group sounds like a wonderful idea, and good company. Oh, I love your green house in amongst your beautiful the trees. Cheers and hugs xx

  2. Lovely to see you back, Linda, brimming with the birthing of new ideas. Sending much love and hoping Florence leaves your trees in peace. And all of you stay safe out there of course xxx

  3. Pretty amazing that you decided to “weather” it all on your own instead of going to your Kristen’s. (Pun intended!) That book looks interesting. I’ll have to go have a gander on Amazon.

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  5. Seems like you weathered the storm! I, too, have been away from WP for a while. We’ve had both lots of house guests and travel not leaving much time for writing and blogging.
    I think your idea of starting a writing group is marvelous. I started journaling about 35 years ago when my dad died and it helped me so much through the disorientation of the time. I’ve used journaling as a way to work through transitions since then. Keep us informed! I’m in a writers group now that is a great support and inspiration but the facilitator is thinking of moving to another state. I may need to take over – so keep me (and all of us) on this exciting new adventure. 🙂

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