Back On Chincoteague

My Journey continues and my life continues to evolve as Jim’s 2nd Angelversay grows closer. In the meantime, today marks week 103 since he died…and it finds me back ‘home’ on Chincoteague. I actually arrived on Wednesday… was a beautiful day for a ride.


Driving over and under the Bay Bridge Tunnel 



So many external changes here…the house we lived in recently sold….from what I can see internal and external changes are being done. It does my heart good to see the house being taken care of and used once again to make memories….I can sit here next door where I’m staying, look over and smile knowing Jim and I lived an incredibly Blessed life there.


But the biggest changes are the ones within me…………I’m here to reminice and to celebrate my man and our life here….knowing full well that I have a new life and friends back in NC……….but oh how I miss these sunrises ☀️




Peace From The Beach ✌️




“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.” ~henry david thoreau~


18 thoughts on “Back On Chincoteague

  1. Hey there! Glad to see you got down there OK. You’re getting to be an old hand at driving back and forth, aren’t you?. Drop me an email when you get a minute, and let me know how things are going. Talk to you soon. Love ya, girlfriend.

  2. Hi Linda, I hope your couple of weeks of reminiscing goes ok for you, and your able to enjoy bathing in Jim’s memories, and don’t worry about the tears, just taste their sweetness and joy. xxxxx

  3. You look so well and happy, Linda! A great trip to celebrate so many things – you, Jim, the two of you, then you… xxx

  4. Oh Linda,
    A long overdue comment and, although a heart rending trip it is good to read of the changes outside your life and from within. The sunrises must be a great loss but maybe you will begin to appreciate the ones near home now.
    A few weeks ago I inadvertently commented on ‘Inpromptu Prompting’s’ excercise 21 of sandbox writing challenge on ‘undone’
    thinking that I was replying to you. I think I had become cross eyed due to ‘over blogging’.
    I sent info re a u.k social network for widows called ‘jolly dollies’. I have since realised it is a meet up site etc. Wonder if there is anything like that near you if you feel it is appropriate.
    I don’t want to link this suggestion to your recent memory but this post a means to ‘catch up’
    Hope you are ok
    Take care

    • Hello Maragaret!! My visit back here is proving to be very therapeutic and enlightening as well as bittersweet…..I’m enjoying my visit yet I’m also looking forward to going back home and jumping back into my life there. I actually joined a widow/widowers meetup group in May and that’s proven to be life changing…I’ve met some incredible people and made some new friends…so all in all I have to say this year of seconds has been a positive one of new growth for me. Thank you for your kind words and reaching out!! 😊

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