Animal Antics on Chincoteague

Snuck in a visit with my friend Bonnie Bebee over at the  Beebe Ranch the other day. Living on Chincoteague was truly a dream come true and befriending the Beebe’s was as well. If any of you read the book Misty of Chincoteague you’ll understand why……..anyhoo, I got to meet two wonderful whiskered gentleman, named Chip and Bill on my visit……here’s handsome boy Chip 😊


Meet Blue-eyed Chip


Chip and his momma Pearl 


Chip was playing shy boy 😊

Now here’s Bill…I do believe he likes me 🤣


That face 😊



Whispering sweet nothings in my ear….actually I think he liked the way I smelled 🤣


Apparently I taste good 🤣


I’ve still ‘got it’ lol

8 thoughts on “Animal Antics on Chincoteague

  1. They are so beautiful, and you are looking very good Linda. How have you been poppet, I do think of you so often and owe you big time a letter, I will be in touch, please do forgive my absence. My love as ever to you, hope the beautiful Grandchildren are all well.

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