His 2nd Angelversary



Just got back from the beach..which was our favorite place, our favorite time of day and where I scattered Jim’s ashes. I was gifted a beautiful sunrise as I remember my beautiful husband on day 730 .. his 2nd Angelversary….I wanted to share some of my moments with y’all. I felt peace and gratitude for the life we were gifted.


It’s been two years now, since he was called home.
This journey has been bittersweet. I made it through all the firsts. I heard the stories that year two could be even worst then the first…….I was determined I wasn’t going to allow that to be part of my story.
As 2018 rolled in, I promised myself and Jim it was going to be my year. I feel
I’ve kept that promise. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zones. Driving (those who know me well KNOW what a big accomplishment that is!) Attended my first writing workshop sharing my words and thoughts with accomplished writers as well as putting out there that I want and Need to put my book together. And by joining a Meetup Widow/Widowers group, I’m now connected with amazing women and men who not only fully understand this journey of widowhood, I’m forging new friendships…….and what else has year two taught me?

The truth is, my truth is, I hold the pencil, and I write my story….

So, while life doesn’t necessarily get better
It does continue to grow different each day (and that’s a good thing)
And the choice is mine on how I choose to live it…
What I choose
Is to live it and find my purpose.
What I choose
Is to look out and see all that is beautiful.
What I choose
Is to live a life of Hope…

All the while
Thanking God every day for the gift of loving Jim
and his loving me,
and the adventure that was the life we shared.
For the memories we made.


Until we meet again husband, I will continue to live my life out loud
And make you proud. This is how I Choose to Live.

14 thoughts on “His 2nd Angelversary

  1. Just so moving, and Jim is always proud of you as he always was. You have had a tough time yet you are forging through. Good luck with the book, I would like nothing more than to read it (I have three going at the moment, when they will be completed I have no idea), I bet you are like me poppet once we start writing it just flows along and we find it difficult to stop, but I am thinking of you and admiring you for all you have achieved, you are an inspiration. You know I am here all the time, I have become I suppose distant in many ways, much happened that has taken a lot from me, but thats for another time. Right now you count only and my love and my thoughts as ever are with you especially at this special precious time. Don’t forget that one very special bright Star in the sky at night that looks down at you. My love to you and take care.

  2. I think it lost my comment! What I said was yes, you do hold your pencil and you are writing a beautiful story. Or something like that. You’re a perfect example of how a person can choose what to make of their life. Beautiful post, Linda.

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