12 Nights Of Solstice…Night Two

Night Two found me bundling up and venturing outside for a late night soul-stroll.  Cat over at Journey Path Institute:12 Nights Of Solstice, invited us to find a Sacred branch or wand…my wand of choice proved to be my pencil. After my soul stroll in the dark, I came back inside, listened to the meditation, then proceeded to write….




imposed my poem on a photo of my tree taken in the dark….kinda like this effect 

As someone who has always been a morning person, these meditations and exercises have me stepping out of my ‘normal realm’ and embracing the dark. 

Welcome to Second Night of Solstice,

A time of traveling and following the heart path. 
This is a time of connecting with your inner expression,
revealing the stripped down self.
This is a time of finding your way between the veil,
and through the edges of time…
seeking assistance in the reflective surface.
Finding the gifts that will illuminate and guide you along your way to
celebrating the deep darkness, and the return of the sun.


12 Nights Of Solstice..Night One

Cat Caracelo popped up in my FB newsfeed as a sponsor ad a week or so ago. I felt an immediate pull, so I clicked on her link 12 Nights Of Solstice  I am so happy I did so.It’s just what I need as I enter into this winter and new year.

I’m excited on so many levels to be participating on this journey. I feel stirrings within. An Awakening is occurring  and I’m ready to embrace this part of me and my journey. I’m excited to discover a new inner light..I ‘see’ a forging of old and new, and this excites me.

Last nights first mediation and Solstice prompt inspired this painting and tanka…




A time of deep darkness and the turning of the wheel. This is the time of nesting, resting and journeying…This is a time of connecting with your inner light.This is a time of finding your way along the path to the longest night,the Winter Solstice.”


Goodbye November..Hello December

Goodbye November…..

While many of us use the month of November to be more active and mindful in the Grateful and Thankful dept…I do make it a daily practice year round. I shared a wonderful pre-Thanksgiving meal with ‘my tribe’ of widows/widowers. I then spent a quiet Thanksgiving (my third without Jim) home alone…by choice. While I’ve been spending countless hours with my widow family as well as my daughter and her family, all of which I am Grateful and Thankful for, my solitude has taken a backseat. Add to that that I actually got a job (albeit it was short lived as it wasn’t a good fit….but I proved to myself I could do it!) Needless to say, the last few weeks of November I’ve felt my emotional well-being depleting itself day by day, I’ve felt lost and even confused and not liking any of it one bit. I realize it’s time I go back to ‘my basics’ before I find myself spiraling…….


My Tribe


Hello December….

With you, I’m going to get myself back on Linda’s Track. I need to make time once again for just me, myself and I. To reconnect with myself through my meditation practice as well as making time to write and paint again. All these things have taken a back seat of late and I miss them. I need to find a Balance that feeds all my needs, while I continue to grow. As I’m writing this, I realize that Balance has never been my forte…as I tend to go all in on something a hundred miles an hour,  in a hundred directions to boot, no wonder I’m out of sorts! Maybe Balance will prove to me my Word for 2019?!