Everyday Day Miracles

Lesson: we must not become so absorbed looking for bigger or better miracles that we miss all the everyday ones………


❤️ Love when he visits 



Last nights sunset..front porch view 


Soul-Strollin’ by the creek




All by myself


✌️ spring is in the air 


13 thoughts on “Everyday Day Miracles

  1. Well said, Linda! And it’s the little miracles that always have the most impact, at least in my life. We just have to train ourselves to see them… Great pixs. Is that stream by your property? ❤

  2. How wonderful to have such a lovely place nearby to soul-stroll. Love the photos, especially the sunset and that closeup of the cardinal. I’ve heard that cardinal sightings are a sign of good fortune.

  3. Wow Linda,
    Somehow missed commenting on this beautiful post. Spring definitely looks just around the corner. All your scenery looks lovely.
    The little red bird (not sure of name) is awesome.
    Thank you for sharing ❤️

  4. Of course Cardinal. Just reminded me of my childhood but not really bird related. Some of the door steps of my childhood were red & mum used to brush on a polish like shoe polish & then shine off. It was called cardinal red !!

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