Happy Birthday ❤️🎊


Today is my Jim’s birthday. He would have been 68…instead he is forever 65.


I Miss you Husband

My Beloved Best Friend..

Your smile, your laugh

Your love that transcends…

Today is your birthday

And we are apart..

I draw strength from our love though

And when the tears start…..

I’ll cry my river..

While deep within my soul..

I feel you with me

And for a little while, 

I’ll pretend, I am whole.



Love. You. Husband ❤️

“We ought to be thankful not for our eyes but for our ability to see.” ~Mokokomo Mokhonoana~

My own eyes are not enough for me; I will see through those of others.” ~C.S. Lewis…

The things we take for granted. 6 days ago I walked out of my house to attend a widows meeting able to see out of both my eyes, I returned home only able to see out of one eye. I’ve lost vision in my right eye. Possibly a detached retina, right now no clear answer. Next appointment is Wednesday for another ultrasound……

In the meantime, all I can ‘see’ is blurred light and some shadows..daytime is obviously better then nighttime….

I’m doing my best to remain optimistic. It’s scary. It’s frustrating. I find myself going back and forth, thinking the worst and wondering how I’m going to function and live if this can’t be healed…will I ever be able to use my Nikon again?…drive myself long distances?

I’m also telling myself not to go down that road just yet…….my retina specialist is proving to be a good guy who’s main objective is to get me my vision back, so once again I am Grateful for the people I’m led to.

In darkness God’s truth shines most clear.” ~Corrie ten Boom~

AND….On the bright side…I’ve got sight in my left eye!!!


Im Blessed


These beautiful littles of mine are the bestest medicine ❤️

My Morning Musings ☀️

Taking the time to sit in quietude helps bring things into perspective and gives me strength. Taking time from the busyness of living, even if it’s ten minutes to listen to the birds and slow lap of rippling waters while the sunlight dances is good for My Soul. ~mE_2019~




Everyday Day Miracles

Lesson: we must not become so absorbed looking for bigger or better miracles that we miss all the everyday ones………


❤️ Love when he visits 



Last nights sunset..front porch view 


Soul-Strollin’ by the creek




All by myself


✌️ spring is in the air 


two trees 🌳🌳

This beautiful poem popped up a few days ago. Knew I needed to share…and what better time then today. 120 weeks ago my Jim died…I hold on to our memories and I celebrate him. 




Two Trees

A portion of your soul has been

entwined with mine

A gentle kind of togetherness, while

separately we stand.

As two trees deeply rooted in

separate plots of ground,

While their topmost branches

come together,

Forming a miracle of lace

against the heavens.”

~Janet Miles~

Images of women in transition


Your soul entwined with mine