My ‘View’

Things are not always as they appear to be on the surface…unfortunately, some people assume and see what they want to see, that’s not my problem.

Just about a month ago now, while attending a widows meeting at church, I was having a conversation with a friend, seeing her with both eyes one minute, and in the blink of an eye, it was as if someone pulled a veil over my right eye. One second I could see, the next all I saw was light and blur.

A hemorrhage….hopefully in time it would heal. In the meantime, adjusting to life with limited vision. Humbling. Scary. Unless I shared what I was experiencing, no one knew, no one could tell. I was my ‘normal’ self. In truth, I was not. I am not.

Unfortunately, my retina detached. I knew exactly when it happened. All the while I could still ‘see’ light, then I couldn’t. The veil got I had eye surgery Wednesday. I have awesome drs who tell me all went well. Time will heal and I will see again. I pray anyway 🙏

There are experiences in our lives that forever change a person. 29 months ago Jim’s death did that to me. Losing vision, even for a month or two or three, has as well. My ‘perspective’ and my ‘view’ of my world literally and figuratively have changed. Where this journey is taking me remains to be ‘seen’, but I’m open and ready for it…..

“By removing useless, unnecessary and unwanted layers, you’ll open yourself up to find the clarity to ‘see’ what is important.” ~lindafedroff19~


Eye Surgery

“In the valley of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.”
~August Wilson, Gem of the Ocean~

…or in my case, queen. The last three and a half weeks have proven to be a humbling time for me. What started out as a vitreous hemorrhage unfortunately turned into a detached retina. Wednesday found me at the hospital having eye surgery. No selfies to share, but I get to wear this till things clear up.


I’m Blessed and Grateful. I’m told my surgery went well and that my vision should slowly return as the above mentioned gas bubble dissipates. In the meantime, this is kinda how I see things, and that’s actually ‘clearer’ then what I’m ‘seeing’.  I have to admit this experience and how I ‘see’ things has undoubtedly changed. I will continue my journey with a new perspective and purpose,  though what that purpose is, remains to be ‘seen’.

My view, my life, is once again, forever changed.


Hello March 💛☀️



March’s arrival brings with it

The last vestiges of a winter

Bound to hang on….

While early glimmers of Spring

Begin to appear.


As Natures clock continues to tick

Rebirth and renewal expound,

After my own winters exile,

I feel the warmth and rumblings

Of my own awakening…..


photo via pixaby