Road Trip…Charleston’s Angel Oak Tree 🌳

Back from a road first ‘girlfriend’s’ hit the road trip, reconnected with  a dear friend I haven’t seen in 13 years…our destination, Charleston, to visit the Angel Oak Tree. We had our own reasons for the visit…even with the changes the last 13 years have had on our own personal lives, we still fit 😊


Jersey Girls and Oak Trees 💚













Many people are struggling because they have not used what God has given them. God gives you an acorn; you invest it and it will become a tree! Stop praying for trees while acorns are lying all over the ground. God answered your prayer for the tree when He sent you the acorn. Your creative ideas are acorns from which mighty trees emerge. Your talent is given to you to be multiplied. ~TB~


9 thoughts on “Road Trip…Charleston’s Angel Oak Tree 🌳

  1. I know this tree! One of my favorites that I’ve ever seen. My dad used to live in Charleston when I was a kid and I spent every summer there until I was a teen. Love that place. 😃

  2. Lovely post Linda and I love all the trees. Your post layout is nice and I love the little green hearts between the photos.
    Yes, isn’t it great when friends still fit after such a time apart, I love it.
    Your posts always cheer me and I think you certainly do make best use of your God given talents 💚 wow, just found a green one. ❤️🌳💁🏻‍♀️

  3. What an interesting tree! I will be sure to visit if I am ever in the area. So good that you were able to reconnect with an old friend. With some really true friends, you can be away from each other for years and years and then come back together as if you’d seen each other yesterday. I am blessed with a couple of friends like that. So glad that you are too.

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