My Life Transformation

So many changes have occurred in my life since Jim’s death 35 months ago. Even prior to his death, I was on a journey, a pilgrimage, searching….searching for answers to my questions “who am I?” And “what is my purpose?” Those answers evaded me. Snippets of answers would appear, but instead of heeding them, I’d turn and go in another direction, not ready to hear what I needed to. That all changed last October, when I went to church with my daughter and her family. As I stated in my testimony, I walked into church that day, a sinner, dead. What I heard that morning changed my life. I heard the truth. I heard the Gospel. I walked out of church that day feeling more alive and full then ever before. It’s been an amazing journey since then…

My questions are being answered as I continue this new journey of mine. Today I’m ready to share some of that here.

We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life. ~Romans 6:4~

Baptism, is a photo of the old, sinful nature‘s death and the new faith life God gives those who trust in Him. Belief in Jesus has a life-altering impact (I can attest to that!) One moment a sinful person is dead, held in sin’s grasp. The next she becomes an entirely new person, alive in her Savior (Yessssss!). Only Jesus offers this glorious freedom., and He gave it to me!

(Excerpt from Everyday Encouragement..Spiritual Refreshment For Women

Out with the old…in with the new ✝️

Saying Goodbye

Those who have been following me for some time know that I haven’t had a relationship with my father (his doing, not mine) since summer of 2006. With his wife’s passing in May of ’18, it was my hope, that we would be able to find our way back to each other. Finding out he had dementia, that was never to be…..and from that news these words came to be………

I said goodbye to you years ago

and I made my peace.

Though I would never understand

or comprehend

A fathers love so incomplete.

I accepted it for what it was

moving forward with my life.

Thoughts of you every now and then

Still and would cut like a knife.

There was Always

Always a hope

Of some sort of reconciliation.

That thought was dashed

in one phone call

It’s message a revelation.

Though physically you are here

you are ‘gone’ from this life

No longer do you remember

You’ve been released of the strife

What you do remember

I will never know

So one more time I’ll say goodbye

and allow my tears to flow.

I’ll cry for unanswered questions

and the dad I needed/wanted you to be

Now lost to dementia

You’re like a lost boat, adrift at sea……

I’ll pray for your comfort

and for you to be set free

To be a better version

Of the man you used to be.


My dad passed away July 12, one day after his 81st birthday. I shed my tears, and have dealt with the anger I felt at being cut out of his life. At feeling like I wasn’t good enough……I pray that somewhere inside, he knew his children loved him and wanted to be a part of his life. I pray he made his peace with God before he passed. I pray you are at peace. Love you Daddy ❤️