3 Years….My Journey Continues 👣

3 Years ago today, my Jim walked out the door, and my life forever changed.

I’ve Missed Your Face

I’ve Missed Your Smile

I’ve Missed Your Laugh

All this while….

But what I Miss most

Is Who We Used to be..

The we – we were

When it was You and Me.

You’re gone from this world

But you LIVE in my heart

Till we meet again

And are no longer apart.

I Love you husband

I always will

Our Love hasn’t died

It grows and LIVES still.

©linda fedroff_october14

I walk the beach in the predawn hours. Sky in monotones of gray, not going to be much of a sunrise this morning. Airs a bit chilly, water cool on my skin as I soul stroll. There’s enough of a breeze for the sea foam to partner and dance with. Aside from the gulls and plovers, I am alone.

I stop and stand at the waters edge, watching as the sky lightens with each passing moment.

Closing my eyes, I can hear the whispers on the wind asking me “what is your story?” All the while the waves lap up and around my feet, anchoring me in that spot, as if waiting and begging for my answer…….and what is my answer on this day, three years since my Jim left this world??

My life continues to move forward,

And I’m continuing to grow.

I’m given a choice to make every single morning,

And what I choose is to get up each and every day,

Thank the Good Lord, and ask for his continued guidance.

I start my day determined to live and find

My purpose, all the while never losing sight of all

The blessings in my life.

I shouted out into the wind, that I Choose Hope.

I came back here to celebrate Jim and his memory.

And I thank God every day for the gift of loving Jim

And he loving me, and for the adventure and life we shared.

Until we meet again husband, I will continue to live my life out loud

And make you proud. This is how I Choose to Live.

[The body dies…but love…that lives on and continues to grow]

Beautiful Morning For A Soul Stroll 👣👣👣

One week from today it will be 3 years since Jim died. My first week back has been filled with memories that fill my heart. My beach soul strolls are as therapeutic as ever. 🙏👣👣👣👣

Some don’t like to hear the old cliche that time heals all wounds. While it may not necessarily heal all wounds, it definitely helps. My willingness to accept my journey has proven to help soften my grief as time goes on. I’m choosing to celebrate my Jim this week just as he would want me to do.

“Life is beautiful. In every moment there is something beautiful to be found.The beauty differs from one day to the next. Sometimes it is overpowering, and other times it is subtle and delicate.Yet always, everywhere, life’s precious and irrepressible beauty is there. Whatever else this moment may hold, it also holds its own unique beauty……”

For we walk by faith, not by sight. (2Corinthians5:7).

My Return

Roadtripped it back ‘home’ to Chincoteague yesterday. The days are ticking down to Jim’s third Angelversary, and there’s no place I’d rather be then here. Was up before the sun……can you say soul stroll!?!? 😄💛☀️

And in a world offering countless difference perspectives, there is one place that people can find truth. (John 8:26)