Beautiful Morning For A Soul Stroll 👣👣👣

One week from today it will be 3 years since Jim died. My first week back has been filled with memories that fill my heart. My beach soul strolls are as therapeutic as ever. 🙏👣👣👣👣

Some don’t like to hear the old cliche that time heals all wounds. While it may not necessarily heal all wounds, it definitely helps. My willingness to accept my journey has proven to help soften my grief as time goes on. I’m choosing to celebrate my Jim this week just as he would want me to do.

“Life is beautiful. In every moment there is something beautiful to be found.The beauty differs from one day to the next. Sometimes it is overpowering, and other times it is subtle and delicate.Yet always, everywhere, life’s precious and irrepressible beauty is there. Whatever else this moment may hold, it also holds its own unique beauty……”

For we walk by faith, not by sight. (2Corinthians5:7).