40 Day Sugar Fast….Day 15

DAY 15 — Monday, January 20, 2020

Everytime we do this fast I hear from my fasting friends, “I struggle with sugar, no doubt, but SOCIAL MEDIA IS MY BIGGEST STRUGGLE.”

Friends, there are few things that disrupt our real-life relationships (with God and our loved ones) more than our phones. They are divisive, dividing us from God and others.

Please share what’s on your heart today. Do you tend to fill every void with social media? God wants those holes so that He can make us holy… and tell us that we are wholly loved! Nobody who “likes” you online, loves you like that!

What do you think?

40 Day Sugar Fast


Social media is here to stay. It can and is a wonderful tool, let’s face it I wouldn’t be ‘here’ participating in this fast with y’all if I wasn’t on FB.

I live 10 hours away from 2 of my children and 5 of my grandchildren, these devices keep me connected and help make that distance just a bit more bearable.

Through my blog I have forged a beautiful friendship that would never have come to fruition without my IPad.

Like so many things, it’s about moderation. I readily admit to spending to much time mindlessly scrolling, and those are the times I know I need to log out and log in to reading my Bible, or sit in quiet time out and pray.

So I will be working on balancing my time on my devices…..

Have something to share....I'd love to hear it!!!

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